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Composite fender block

Composite fenders consist of a rubber profile with a wear resistant UHMW-PE coating with a low coefficient of friction. The two materials are connected to each other by means of vulcanisation to form a permanent connection. The rubber profile absorbs energy while the UHMW-PE coating provides low friction and appropriate sliding properties.

Composite fenders are suitable for the protection of various types of ships and quays, especially where a bumper is required with a wear-resistant surface with low friction properties. FenderTec produces a standard range of composite fenders in block, keyhole and trapezoidal form. The most common dimensions are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. Non-standard sizes and customer specific versions can also be produced and delivered with short lead times.

Composite fenders are normally mounted between two strips or in a U-beam. The required mounting holes are made through the side of the fender. Composite fenders can be supplied in any desired length and the ends can be bevelled.

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Central stock
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Short delivery times
Custom production


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