Marine Fendering

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Yokohama type and floating fenders

Seaports commonly use fixed rubber fender systems or floating fenders. While most large seagoing vessels do not use fenders when mooring in the port, one possible exception is when a bunkership comes alongside the vessel or when tankers berth alongside each other at sea to take on loads. In these situations, pneumatic fenders are frequently used.

A floating pneumatic fender is like a cylindrical airbag with hemispherical heads at both ends. The body consists of several layers of vulcanized rubber filled with compressed air, which allows the fender to float on water. Due to these special features, pneumatic fenders are commonly used by the off shore and dredging industries to protect ships, platforms and workboats, and as spacers between the ship and the quay in ports.

The performance of pneumatic rubber fenders is determined by its energy absorption and reaction force. FenderTec offers three standard type of pneumatic fenders:

• Pneumatic fender with tire net

• Pneumatic fender sling-type (without tire net)

•  Pneumatic ribbed-type fender

Common yokohama type and foam fenders