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Fenders for drag head protection

Fenders for drag head protection

Strong rubber fenders can prevent damage in rough conditions or in the event of a collision between the drag head and the hull of the ship. These fenders are used in different versions, to prevent damage to the hull of the ship, the drag head and the gimbal ring.


Types and processing

Depending on the type and the size of the drag head, the following fenders can be used:

• V fender

• House-shaped fender

• Keyhole blocks

This type of fender is mounted on the one side of the drag head. If the drag head is used on both sides of the ship, fenders can also be mounted on both sides of the drag head. Drag head fenders are produced from highly wear-resistant rubber. V fenders and House-shaped fenders undergo additional treatment at FenderTec and they can also be vulcanised at a predetermined angle. All fenders can be provided with mounting holes to facilitate attachment to the drag head or gimbal ring using bolts.



These types of fenders are used in various formats for the protection of:

• drag heads

• gimbal rings



D fenders can be fitted by means of bolts and or strips in various manners: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The mounting holes required are made through the side or through the top and bottom of the fender. FenderTec finishes the fenders in accordance with your requirements and drawings. D fenders can also be produced vulcanized with required radiuses, which allow them to be fitted properly to a circular bow or stern. D fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be bevelled.



D fenders are widely used in various sizes and designs on:

• workboats

• tugboats

• pilot boats

• fishing boats

• pontoons

• quays

• piers

• loading bays

• car parks trucks

• building interiors