Pontoon fendering & Pier rubber fenders

Pontoon fendering and Pier rubber fenders
Pontoon fendering & Pier rubber fenders

FenderTec specializes in supplying strong  and high quality pontoon fendering and / or pier rubber fenders for all manner of offshore and marine applications.


Our extensive range of pontoon fenders offers reliable mooring or dock protection for all types of vessels. Manufactured to mount your pontoon or pier, our fenders offer great impact resistance, ensuring minimal damage to your vessel and approved docking protections.


The pontoon or pier fenders are manufactured in various materials such as rubber, polyurethane, or a thermoplastic non-marking rubber.


Many applied fenders on pontoons and piers are:
• D fenders
• Delta - D fenders
• Square fenders
• Composite fenders
• Marine protection plates
• Fender bars


For optimum installation all fenders can be pre-processed by FenderTec as follows:
• pre-curved to the desired radius
• cut to length
• beveled ends
• provided with mounting holes


In addition to the standard range with fenders, at FenderTec, we also deliver many custom-made fenders. Fenders in different sizes and shapes and with special mounting methods, colors and non-marking characteristics.


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