Marine Fendering

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Tug fenders and Marine fenders for workboats

FenderTec is a producer of rubber workboat fenders, tugboat fenders and other rubber marine fenders. With our own production facilities we are able to flexibly and quickly produce a multitude of work boat fenders in high quality. With the help of our machines all fenders and profiles can be cut to length and in the desired angle. If necessary, the fenders and profiles are provided with mounting holes. Standard workboat fenders and custom fenders can be offered with short lead times.

Thanks to our extensive experience in rubber marine fenders, we are able to give you tailor-made advice on all types of fenders. If you have any questions or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Common types of tug fenders

Fendertec marine fendering - Wing fenders

Wing fenders

Wing fenders are D fenders that are further developed.

Fendertec marine fendering - W fenders

W fenders

W fenders are designed for use in extreme conditions and to absorb...

Fendertec marine fendering - DC-Fender


D fenders are the commonly used rubber bumpers across the world...

Fendertec marine fendering - M fenders

M fenders

M fenders are widely used on the bow or stern of boats or on the...

Fendertec marine fendering - Cylindrical bow fenders

Cylindrical bow fenders

Cylindrical fenders on tugboats and workboats are often mounted on...

Fendertec marine fendering - Keyhole fenders

Keyhole fenders

Keyhole fenders are used worldwide and they offer very...

Fendertec marine fendering - SC-Fender


Square fenders are produced in various designs and sizes and they...

Fendertec marine fendering - DD-Fender


D fenders are the commonly used rubber bumpers across the world...